Landlord charging double rent for vaccinated "COVID Cultists" (PHOTOS)

May 5 2022, 10:01 pm

Renting in Vancouver is a horrendous experience at the best of times, but listings like the one from this BC landlord that has gone viral on Twitter only make things more difficult.

The Craigslist listing seems to have been taken down, but the Twitter account @NimbyPatrol thankfully took a screenshot and shared it on Elon Musk’s social media platform.

The listing is for a four-bedroom house for rent in the Dundarave area in West Vancouver. It’s unfurnished, and the tenant “supplies utilities.”

Things take a sharp turn for the worse in the listing after that.

The landlord in question is looking for $2,550 per month for the four-bedroom home. That is if the potential tenant is unvaccinated. For vaccinated “COVID Cultists,” they’re charging almost double ($4,550).

Good dream my friend. (REW)

To make matters worse, the listing states that preference goes to a “vaccine-free family of European heritage.”

Considering that a vast majority of the province has been vaccinated, non-“COVID Cultists” may be hard to come by for this particular BC landlord.


For anyone who has looked through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, this sort of thing isn’t necessarily new.

This listing is available for “international born person, preferable from Asia or South America. Prefer mature female over 30.”

Some of the Twitter responses to the West Vancouver listing are amusing, while some are understandably frustrated.

Another user wrote, “Apparently they would prefer a lawsuit most of all.”

While there are rules and laws that exist when it comes to making rental housing accessible to everyone, many landlords do not follow those rules.

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