Colossal BC pumpkin is the biggest the province has ever seen

Oct 3 2021, 7:18 pm

Titanic. Mammoth. Gargantuan. These are just a few words to describe BC’s new official biggest pumpkin ever.

On Saturday, October 2, giant pumpkin growers from all over BC and the Pacific Northwest brought their biggest gourds to enter BC’s Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off Event at Krause Farms in Langley.

According to Giant Pumpkins British Columbia, the official winner was David Chan whose entrant weighed in at a staggering 1,911 pounds. Giant Pumpkins BC said that’s a new record for the province.

Chan’s pumpkin was originally estimated to be 1,788 pounds, but the official weigh-in proved it was even greater than that.

The second-place entrant tipped the scales at 1,196 pounds, making Chan’s a runaway winner.

Currently, the world’s largest pumpkin titleholder is Stefano Cutrupi who grew a 2,703-pound pumpkin in Italy this year.

Sarah AndersonSarah Anderson

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