Mini pumpkin ice cream is coming to Metro Vancouver this fall

Sep 2 2021, 11:10 pm

If the coming season has you feeling passionate about all things pumpkin, then you’ll want to try Maan Farm’s Double Pumpkin Spice-Cream this fall.

Mama Maan’s kitchen on their Abbotsford farm started selling these soft-serve stuffed pumpkins last fall and they were all over social media. This year, they are returning again to delight all pumpkin patch participants.

“Foodies have travelled from far and wide to get this ice cream, and we promise it won’t disappoint!” said Maan Farms in a social media post. “It also makes a great prop for your pumpkin patch photoshoot,” they said.


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The festive treats are made by first cleaning off the pumpkin. Then, they scoop out the insides to make a little bowl. Finally, it’s filled with pumpkin spice soft serve (made with roasted pumpkins from their patch) and they add the toppings – usually a little whipped cream, a homemade ginger molasses cookie, and a sprinkle of spice. You can bring home your pumpkin shell and chop it up for your dinner.

The treat is not vegan, but there are other vegan options available at the farm.

The Maan Farms Fall Festival kicks off on Friday, September 17. Last year, the autumnal dessert was available until November 1, so you will have some time to get in on the pumpkin goodness as long as you mark your calendars.

Plus, you don’t need to have a ticket to Maan Farms if you just want to pop into the store to buy the ice cream, although since you made the drive, you might want to check out the goats and the pumpkin patch while you’re there.

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