All grown up: Fans react to "Arthur" series finale reveal of the kids as adults

Feb 22 2022, 8:05 pm

The long-running PBS Kids show Arthur said its final goodbye on Sunday after 25 seasons of educating generations of children.

The series finale, titled “All Grown Up,” shows a glimpse 20 years into the gang’s future, and fans are reacting hilariously to the characters’ occupations on social media.

The episode shows our favourite aardvark, Arthur Read, all grown up with long swooping hair and a goatee, sitting at a booth in the Sugar Bowl parlour. He’s waiting to show the graphic novel he’s finished writing to his friends at their old hangout.

Gradually, the episode reveals each character and what they’re up to as adults.

Arthur grows up to be a graphic novelist; his best friend, Buster Baxter, is now a school teacher; Francine Frensky runs a sneaker company; and Muffy Crosswire is running for mayor.

Fans had thoughts on Arthur’s new look.

“Why does Arthur look like a f*cking Twitch streamer,” one person tweeted.

“Grown up Arthur looks like he every person at an overpriced coffee shop,” another tweeted.

But the character that got the biggest reaction was DW, who grew up to be a traffic cop. It seems that many fans aren’t surprised by this turn of events.

“The world renowned tattle tale grew up to be a cop lmao,” one person tweeted.

A clip from the episode shows DW scolding a motorcyclist for parking in a no-parking zone. The motorcyclist turns out to be Bud Compson, DW’s former rival at games and competitions.

Others are disappointed to find out DW is a cop given the calls to defund the police.

Arthur reveals his graphic novel, which turns out to be a memoir the PBS show is based on. He begins reading to his friends, starting with “Chapter 1, How I got my very first pair of glasses,” a nod to the very first episode of Arthur: “Arthur’s Eyes; Francine’s Bad Hair Day.”

Despite the mixed reactions online, many are mourning the loss of their favourite kids show.

The full episode is available on PBS Kids’ YouTube, if you want closure for your childhood show.

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