Albino moose spotted trotting around Alberta (PHOTOS)

Apr 6 2023, 3:26 pm

Spotting a moose is always a treat, but one moose trotting around central Alberta is really turning some heads thanks to being albino.

Last week, Scott Builders Inc. shared photos of the majestic moose taken by an employee.

“David Frizzell, our Field Operations Manager, spotted a rare sight on his way home from work last night,” the company posted to its Facebook page.

The moose was spotted somewhere in central Alberta and was about 80 yards away from Frizzell.

“What a gorgeous creature! Very lucky sighting,” the post added.

According to Canadian Geographic, albino moose have been spotted in places from Newfoundland to Alaska; however, their appearances are quite rare.

Laine MitchellLaine Mitchell

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