Air Canada put on blast after woman's luggage torn to shreds (VIDEO)

Oct 6 2022, 5:04 pm

A woman from Vancouver was in disbelief after Air Canada returned her delayed luggage torn to shreds.

Casey Dubyk, 27, shared the travel horror story in a now-viral TikTok with nearly 700,000 views.

“POV Air Canada lifting you up and then completely destroying you in a matter of seconds,” the caption on the video reads.

The TikTok shows the marketing coordinator excited to finally have clothes for her trip, only to realize that her bag has a gaping hole in it and her clothes are shredded.

Dubyk even tried on the clothes, which made her look like she had just survived the apocalypse.

@thecaseefacee can we get a BIG shout out to @aircanada for delivering my lost luggage to my hotel room. A call or note would have been nice but I guess this is okay too šŸ«  #aircanadasucks #lostluggage #damagedluggage #aircanada #flightdrama #vancouver #yyccalgary #canada #flight #baggagecheck ā™¬ original sound – Casey Dubyk

In an email statement to Daily Hive, Air Canada says they handle customers’ baggage with care.

“Despite our best efforts, in relatively rare instances things donā€™t go as planned and baggage may regrettably sustain damage during the journey,” stated the airline. “We deal with our customers directly to resolve baggage claims in accordance with our conditions of carriage.”

How this happened

The unfortunate incident occurred after a flight from Vancouver to Calgary on September 26.

Dubyk told Daily Hive over the phone that she prefers to bring a carry-on on her work trips because she doesn’t like waiting at baggage claim.

However, on this flight, security told her she needed to check in her duffel bag because she couldn’t fit her liquids (which were all within the 100 mL limit) into the clear plastic bags provided by the airport.

“I’m a part of the air passenger Facebook group where everyone tells their horror stories about checking bags and stuff like that,” she said. “And so in my gut, I was like, I kind of think I’m gonna be somebody that this happens to, I don’t feel good about this.”

As they say, always trust your gut.

When Dubyk landed and waited with bated breath at baggage claim, her duffel bag never showed up. She went to talk to an Air Canada baggage service agent who informed her that her luggage was actually still in Vancouver and that it would be delivered to her hotel once it arrived in Calgary.

After dinner, she was relieved to find the bag sitting on her hotel bed, so she took out her phone to record her elated reaction.

“After about 10 seconds after I filmed the video, I’m like, ‘Wait why can I see my highlighter yellow sweater out of this bag that’s supposed to be close?’ and that’s when it all kind of clicked,” Dubyk explained.

“If I’m being completely honest, my first reaction was to laugh because I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this.'”

@thecaseefacee part two: the day did in fact end up shitty, a call would have been nice @Air Canada ā˜¹ļø #aircanadasucks #lostluggage #damagedluggage #aircanada #flightdrama #vancouver #yyccalgary #canada #flight #baggagecheck #yvr #part2 ā™¬ original sound – Casey Dubyk

She says she understands that accidents like that can happen, but that she was more frustrated that Air Canada didn’t notify her about the damaged luggage. It was simply just dropped off in her room, with no note, just a tag that read “delayed.”

Dubyk’s duffel bag was filled with new clothes she recently bought that weren’t cheap. On top of the damaged goods, she also lost a couple of items.

Since Dubyk didn’t receive any explanation of what might’ve happened to her bag from the airline, people on TikTok who’ve worked in baggage claim told her it looked like her bag got caught on the conveyor belt.

Has she received compensation?

Dubyk submitted a claim to Air Canada for $1,100 worth of damage on the day she received her bag and was told that an agent would get back to her in 45 days.

She told Daily Hive that she got an email from the airline on Wednesday stating that she would be fully compensated and given a $300 flight voucher.

Dubyk thinks sharing her story on TikTok contributed to her getting compensated more quickly.

“I 1,000% believe that they felt a little bit of pressure from social media because other travel accounts with big followings reposted the TikTok,” she said. “So it did gain a lot of traction.”

So, it’s important to know your air passenger rights, but a little help from social media doesn’t hurt either.

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