Evacuated cats and dogs from Afghanistan coming to Vancouver for adoption

Jan 16 2022, 7:25 pm

A big Afghanistan evacuation mission helping cats and dogs has been underway for a long time, and now finally the end is in sight for hundreds of animals.

According to SPCA International, they are expecting aroundĀ 158 dogs and 146 cats to be rescued in total.

And, they’re already taking adoption inquiries for theirĀ Afghanistan Evacuation Rehoming Program. Right now, they’re looking for individuals who directly adopt the animals or organizations that can help to adopt them out.

One of those organizations, Thank Dog I Am Out, has been playing an important role in the rescue coalition that’s working to help create “new and wonderful lives for the animals abandoned and/or left behind during the chaos of the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in late August 2021.”

If you aren’t able to help take in an animal in need, you can also show your support by donating.

“These cats and dogs have already endured so much but we are so close to the finish line,” reads the donation page.

SPCA International is collecting donations for the ongoing needs of these animals at their facility in Vancouver.

You can also volunteer, Thank Dog I Am OutĀ is looking for helpers at their temporary facility at the South Terminal of YVR to care for the animals.

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