Shelter seeks help to find home for very nice dog with 'zero interest' (VIDEO)

Jun 8 2019, 5:02 am

Nibs has a lot going for him. He’s young. He’s very sweet. But Nibs has a big problem: No one wants to adopt him.

This “wonderfully sweet fellow,” believed to be some sort of Mastiff / Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, found himself at the Burnaby BC SPCA shelter after being abandoned by his previous owner.

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For a young dog (it’s estimated that he’s between one and two-years-old), Nibs is pretty good with commands. He knows how to sit, stay, and responds well to positive reinforcement.

He is still learning his manners and trying to understand he is too big to jump up.  SPCA staff feel he will do well with being rewarded for keeping four paws on the ground.

Like many shelter dogs, this young man has some anxiety being left alone and will need extra support in this area.

His ideal home would be with people who have plenty of time for him. He is nervous of men but warms up well with proper introductions. He LOVES the ladies and is a very submissive and sweet guy.

Nibs / Burnaby BC SPCA

Here’s what the shelter has to say about this “bouncy lover boy,” who still has a lot of puppy energy and would love a companion who enjoys hiking and the outdoors.

“Nibs does zoomies in the most adorable way which makes us absolutely melt. He is getting zero interest and it is breaking our hearts. Please share his story far and wide!”

You can meet Nibs at the Burnaby BC SPCA branch:

The adoption fee for Nibs is $414, which includes a microchip and lifetime registration with the BC Pet Registry.

Nibs / Burnaby BC SPCA

Nibs / Burnaby BC SPCA

Nibs / Burnaby BC SPCA

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