You can get super cheap flights from Abbotsford to Los Cabos for $200

Apr 2 2022, 5:41 pm

During BC’s next chilly winter, you could be soaring away to Los Cabos, Mexico.

Discount airline Swoop is offering cheap tickets to sunny destinations next year. They’re one of many low-cost airlines eager to provide the best deals in the game as travel restrictions loosen across Canada.

Thanks to them, you can fly non-stop both ways from Abbotsford, BC to Los Cabos, Mexico for between $200 and $300 in 2023.

The base price is just over $200, which includes only one personal item.

To find and book your tickets, go to the Swoop website. Rates vary slightly depending on which dates you book.

Search for flights from Abbotsford to Los Cabos and look for dates that cost around $100 there and $100 back between January and March.

If you left on Jan. 28 and returned on Feb. 8, the total would come to $201.72.

Swoop screenshot Abbotsford to Los Cabos


Swoop screenshot Abbotsford to Los Cabos


And if you left on Jan. 25 and returned on Feb. 4, it would cost you just over $210.

Swoop screenshot Abbotsford to Los Cabos


That only includes the cost of a personal item. To bring a carry-on or checked bag, you’ll need to pay extra.

If you want to book in March, you’ll need to go through Kayak instead, since Swoop’s calendars don’t extend that far into the future. Try date combinations of March 1, 4, 8, or 11 to March 8, 11, 15, or 18.

Around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, tickets are more expensive each way to reflect holiday demand.

You don’t need to take a COVID-19 test to get into Mexico, and Canada’s restrictions are frequently changing.

With that in mind, you’ll want to check both governments’ websites before you go.

Once you’re all set and ready, prepare to kick back and soak up the insanely gorgeous beaches and bars of Los Cabos. The sun is waiting!

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