808 deaths reported during the extreme heat wave: BC Coroners Service

Jul 16 2021, 9:52 pm

The BC Coroner Service has released an update in regards to the number of deaths that occurred during the extreme heat wave in late June and early July.

A total of 808 deaths were reported between June 25 and July 1. For context, the number of deaths reported in the same time period in BC last year was 232.

Vancouver Coastal Health saw an increase of 157 deaths compared to last year.

BC Coroners Service

BC Coroners Service

The numbers spiked across the province in all health regions, with Fraser Health seeing the biggest increase of 292 deaths compared to the previous year, for a total of 353.

BC Corners Service

BC Coroners Service

The deadliest day across all regions except for Interior Health was June 29.

BC Coroners previously reported that the death toll during this time frame was 719.

June 29 was one of the hottest days during the heat wave, which saw temperatures almost reach 50ºC in parts of the province.

It is important to note that these deaths are still being investigated and cannot be definitively linked to the heat wave at this time, but the chances are high that the heat played a prominent role.

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