TTC takes more steps to stop drivers from entering Queens Quay streetcar tunnel

Apr 23 2018, 2:42 pm

Following far too many confused drivers driving into the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel, the TTC has taken more steps to hopefully put a stop to it.

According to TTC spokesperson Brad Ross, additional bollards, which are black and yellow traffic poles, were installed over the weekend at York and Queen’s Quay.

He added that the new bollards should make it even more obvious that “streetcar tracks are a no-go zone for autos.”

The additional bollards are the latest measure put in place by the TTC to put a stop to the problem.

According to Ross, the TTC has already added bollards, warning lights, signs, rumble strips and raised track, which clearly isn’t enough to combat the problem.

In addition to the new bollards, the transit agency is planning to install a lift gate closer to the tunnel that would only allow streetcars to pass.

According to the TTC, at least 26 drivers have driven into the Queens Quay tunnel, which connects the 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina streetcar routes to Union Station, since 2014.

Whenever an automobile gets stuck, it can take hours to extricate the vehicle, which can extremely disrupt streetcar services.

Hopefully, these new measures will help put a stop to drivers carelessly entering the tunnel.

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