Someone made a 'Drive your car into Queens Quay' tunnel event in Toronto

Mar 12 2018, 9:39 pm

Torontonians seem to love the Queens Quay tunnel.

Drivers in particular.

The tunnel has seen a fair share of cars drive through it, despite signs warning them not to enter the TTC tunnel.

Considering there was another driver in the tunnel this past weekend, Toronto decided to make an event out of it. Literally.

A Facebook event titled “Drive your car in Queens Quay streetcar tunnel” popped up over the weekend, and is scheduled for April 11.

“The activity Torontonians just can’t get enough of! Join up with some fellow pleasure cruisers and take a scenic drive through historic Queen’s Quay Streetcar tunnel on a lovely spring day,” states the event post. “Ask your mechanic if this event is right for you.”

In true Toronto fashion, in just a few short days, almost 2,000 people expressed their interest, and over 500 are expected to “attend.”

But what’s better than the event itself? The comments.

Facebook Screenshot

Facebook Screenshot

Facebook Screenshot

Facebook Screenshot

Facebook Screenshot

Facebook Screenshot

Don’t get too excited, this event is in no way sanctioned by the city or the Transit Commission. The TTC’s Twitter account was notified of the event, and looks like they know of its existence.

“We are aware of this post and definitely don’t advise anyone to purposely drive into the tunnel as it would likely cause major damage to their vehicle and could possibly lead to a fine/ticket,” they said.

So might want to stay off the tracks, Toronto.

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