Toronto ranked one of the top smart cities in the world

Oct 13 2021, 3:25 pm

Toronto was just ranked among the top smart cities of the world, and our green energy and willingness to adopt new technologies helped push us into the top 15.

The 2021 Global Smart City Index (Cities of the Future Study), conducted by EasyPark Group, looked at thousands of cities around the world and ranked them based on citizens’ digital life, mobility innovation, business tech infrastructure and environmental footprint.

Toronto ranked 12th overall in the ‘metropolitan areas with populations over 3 million people’ category. London, England ranked in first place, New York came in second and San Francisco placed third.

The categories each assessed a variety of things in the city. Digital life looked at how Torontonians and their government adopted new technologies, how innovative healthcare in the city is, and our tech education. Not surprisingly, Toronto ranked 10 out of 50 for citizens adopting new technologies, because as many Torontonians know, we love to be early adopters.

Mobility innovation looked at things like parking innovation, traffic management and clean transport. Toronto ranked 29 out of 50 in this section, which may not come as a surprise for those Torontonians who spend their mornings stuck on the DVP and then driving in circles looking for parking.

Business tech infrastructure looked at things like accepting e-payments, business innovation and internet connectivity.

Finally, sustainability looked at how cities used green energy, green buildings, waste management and climate response. Toronto ranked in third for green energy.

Toronto wasn’t the only Canadian city to make the list. Montreal came in 17th in the same population category as Toronto. Vancouver placed 14th in the 600,000 to 3 million population category, and Quebec City ranked 26th.

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