Toronto has the third most sustainable hotels in the entire world

Feb 8 2022, 3:00 pm

Toronto is among the top three cities with the most sustainable hotels in the world, with nearly a quarter certified sustainable.

A new analysis by British data comparison firm Uswitch combed through the “eco-credentials” of thousands of hotels in the world’s 200 largest cities on hotel platform

There are 150 hotels in Toronto, and 37 of them are going green and reducing their carbon footprint for the climate-conscious traveller. That’s nearly 25% of all hotels in the city.

The analysis used 1 Hotel as an example of sustainability. The hotel has a zero-waste commitment and diverts more than 85% of waste from landfills. They also use an on-site composter to reduce organic waste into soil that can be reused.


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If that wasn’t enough, 1 Hotel relies heavily on local farmers, with more than 90% of their produce delivered within a 100 km radius. Not to mention that the exterior and interior feature wood from a dismantled barn and use some of Toronto’s own fallen trees as decor.

Toronto isn’t the only Canadian city to make the list. In fact, Canadian cities dominate the top five in the global ranking.

Vancouver took the top spot, followed by Stockholm, Sweden, Toronto in third, Calgary landing fourth, and Edmonton rounding out the top five.

The ranking of the world’s top 50 cities for sustainable hotels did not include any cities in the United States, Australia, or Great Britain. Other than Canadian cities, other countries that were represented by a handful or more of their cities include India (10 cities) and South Africa (five cities).

Top cities with the most sustainable hotels

  1. Vancouver, Canada: 43.82% — 39 out of 89 hotels
  2. Stockholm, Sweden: 40.28% — 87 out of 216 hotels
  3. Toronto, Canada: 24.67% — 37 out of 150 hotels
  4. Calgary, Canada: 23.53% — 32 out of 136 hotels
  5. Edmonton, Canada: 22.56% — 30 out of 133 hotels
  6. Lahore, Pakistan: 21.33% — 32 out of 150 hotels
  7. Medellin, Colombia: 20.04% — 94 out of 469 hotels
  8. Bogota, Colombia: 19.6% — 147 out of 750 hotels
  9. Ekurhuleni, South Africa: 19.46% — 217 out of 1,115 hotels
  10. Johannesburg, South Africa: 19.21% — 132 out of 687 hotels


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