Raccoon? Pandemic hair? Try a Toronto-inspired costume this Halloween

Oct 13 2021, 5:41 pm

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If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas, the city where we live might be a great place to start.

One thing is for sure — Torontonians love talking about Toronto, and a locally relevant costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween.

From landmarks to pandemic-specific jokes, check out our guide to a timely Toronto-inspired outfit:


Drake costume


What’s more iconically Toronto than the 6ix God himself (are we still calling him that?)? We think his Way 2 Sexy video outfit is super easy to replicate — just grab some 80s-style workout gear.

The Certified Lover Boy album cover


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I mean, colourful shirts and you and the crew will be the Drake album cover.

Trash Panda

Toronto raccoons are an integral part of city life, whether they’re acting cute or vexing residents by spreading trash on the street. Bonus points for incorporating a green bin into the outfit.

Pandemic hair



Ok, now we’re getting into 2021-specific costumes. We all remember when hair salons were closed for months, right? It’s easy to dress as this shaggy pandemic era with an extra-long wig. Extra credit for replicating Mayor John Tory’s wild pandemic hair or Doug Ford’s slicked-back situation.

doug ford vaccination clinic

Premier Doug Ford at a Stouffville vaccination clinic. (Premier of Ontario Photography/Flickr)



CN Tower

Perhaps we stick with a Toronto classic. Be the centre of attention, er, skyline, this Halloween by dressing as the city’s most recognizable landmark. Customization options include putting a small Drake on your shoulder from his 2016 Views album or recruiting a friend to dress as the SkyDome/Rogers Centre.

Toronto Sign


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Have six friends? Pay homage to the city by dressing as the Toronto Sign. It’s seven letters long, but extra people can be the Maple Leaf, Medicine Wheel, or skaters at Nathan-Phillips Square.

Downtown condo

shoebox condo

V. Ben and gowithstock/Shutterstock

Again, really simple one here. Just grab any old shoebox to create a costume, and you’re now a tiny condo in Toronto’s Entertainment District.


Couples costume alert! Try a cute rendition of a TTC scanner and a Presto card. Just remember to show up late to the party.

Disappointed sports fan

Sports fan

Mike Parolini/Shutterstock

Toronto has plenty of these, so is it really a costume at this point? Maybe this year’s fresh Blue Jays’ playoff disappointment is your inspiration, or maybe you’ll dress up as the Raptors 2019 championship win to be the last time we were collectively hopeful.

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