City reminds residents that Coyote sightings are normal this time of year

Mar 3 2017, 11:04 pm

The City of Toronto tweeted out a reminder this week that coyote sightings are totally normal at this time of year.

The tweet redirects to the City’s website regarding wildlife which notes that, “Coyotes are active during the day and at night.  They do not hibernate and may be seen more often during winter months as they are not hidden by foliage and because fewer people are outside. […] Coyotes mate in January and February and are more active and visible during this time.”


On the prospect of seeing a coyote and what to do if a coyote approaches, the City offers the following advice,

Remember: Coyotes are naturally timid animals and will flee when confronted with aggression.

  • Be Big: stand up and raise your arms in the air. Appear as large and threatening as possible
  • Be Loud: stomp your feet, clap your hands, and yell “Go Away Coyote” to alert people nearby
  • Be Threatening: throw a tennis ball or a small pebble or stick at the coyote, but only to show the coyote who is boss – not to injure!
  • Most importantly: NEVER RUN AWAY FROM A [COYOTE]. Like dogs, coyotes may give chase if you run. If you see a coyote, continue to exaggerate the techniques listed above. Avoid turning your back, maintain eye contact and slowly back away toward an area of increased activity. These actions teach coyotes to be afraid of humans and will help to minimize conflicts.

Got it?

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