Several new bylaws just came into effect for Toronto dog owners

Mar 2 2017, 10:18 pm

The City of Toronto has just enacted new bylaws for pet owners.

Passed by The Council of the City of Toronto on January 31 and coming into force on March 1, the newly added subsections to the city’s animal bylaws include a ban on using choke collars, choke chains, pronged collars, or any similar device forms.

And, in case there was ever any doubt, the city has also newly imposed a 1 hour limit when it comes to leaving a tethered dog unsupervised as well as a provision that, “No person shall allow an animal to remain outdoors during extreme weather unless the animal has access to an enclosure that will adequately protect the animal from the elements.”

It means neighbours can rightfully report pets banished to balconies and backyards during cold and heat waves when warnings are issued by the City of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health or by Environment Canada.

When enforced, each animal-related bylaw infraction typically carries a $240 fine.

The new additions to the City Animal Bylaws append existing bylaws including,

  • Dogs and cats must be licensed and wear tags.
  • The maximum number of pets that you can own is 6 cats and 3 dogs.
  • Owners are required to pick up after pets on private and public property.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash no more than 2 metres long and owners must be holding onto the leash (tethering a dog to a pole or bike rack is prohibited).
  • On private property, ropes or chains must be no less than 3 metres long.
  • Dog owners are liable in the instance of a bite on another person or animal.
  • Continuous barking or whining can be fined under the noise bylaw.
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