City of Toronto says sightings of coyotes are normal this time of year

Nov 29 2016, 4:33 pm

Coyote sightings in Toronto are totally normal and should be expected at this time of year.

That’s the message in a news release from the City of Toronto today in response to an increase in sightings from Toronto residents.

Per the City’s coyote response strategy, dealing with coyotes includes “public education, a bylaw that prohibits feeding of wildlife and criteria for the removal of coyotes, if necessary.”

Dog owners especially should be aware that “a bite on another animal is not grounds for removal, as this is normal coyote behaviour.”

The news release also notes that “coyotes have become a natural part of the urban landscape in Toronto and are an important part of the ecosystem as they control rodent and rabbit populations. They thrive in urban areas because of the abundance of food and shelter available to them.”
To minimize negative encounters with coyotes, the City encourages residents to:
  • Avoid feeding wild animals, including coyotes.
  • Avoid feeding pets outdoors.
  • Ensure that all household garbage is inaccessible to animals.
  • Place garbage out on the morning of the scheduled pickup, rather than the night before.
  • Always supervise pets – keep dogs on a leash and keep cats indoors or supervised when outside.
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