Toronto Botanical Garden's Instagram is giving me life right now

Mar 31 2022, 3:14 pm

Toronto Botanical Garden is a gorgeous spot to visit, and their Instagram is keeping me going through the whiplash weather that is spring.

For weeks their Instagram has been a constant reminder that while it doesn’t feel like it, winter is indeed over. They post regular updates of what’s blooming in the gardens, and despite the temperature drops, there are lots of buds going on!

Just before the first day of spring, they posted some budding flowers. Yes, flowers! Maybe I’m easily excitable, but I love to see some colour return to the city after a grey and dreary winter.

Again, before spring had even started, they were bringing us good news that buds were popping and spring was definitely on the way. Their countdown to spring was full of flowers that would soon be blooming or were already beginning to show.

It’s been hard to hold out hope for spring when the temperatures keep dipping and snow keeps falling, but that didn’t deter some flowers from popping out anyway. Their Instagram has been an ever-present reminder that spring will indeed come.

They’re keeping up to date with everything budding and blooming, so you can witness spring without a garden of your own!

Look at this yellow!! If that doesn’t say spring, I don’t know what does. Spring is here! They even keep their website updated with what’s in bloom and what will be in bloom soon.

The Toronto Botanical Garden is open daily from dusk until dawn, so you can go check out the blooms for yourself! The cafe will reopen on April 9 this year, so you’ll be able to grab a treat while you wander the gardens.

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