There's a ghost town in Ontario you need to add to your bucket list (PHOTOS)

Mar 22 2022, 8:52 pm

What was once a booming town built around a thriving timber industry, is now a crumbling ghost town, which soon may disappear altogether.

Balaclava, located in Renfrew County, just over four hours from Toronto, has been empty and crumbling for nearly 70 years. Once the sawmill closed down, the general store soon followed, and the town was soon a ghost town, according to

There is apparently one house in Balaclava that’s still occupied. And rumour has it that the current owner of the sawmill has no interest in preserving it and may actually tear it down to keep trespassers away. This is your warning to not enter the sawmill (though people still do).


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As previously mentioned, it’s probably not the best idea to go inside the decrepit sawmill, but some brave souls have in the past.


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With each passing year, nature reclaims this town a bit more, giving it a classic ghost town look. It’s exactly what you’d expect a ghost town to look like in a movie, minus tumbleweeds blowing by.


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You don’t want to miss your chance to see this town. Some spots have already been torn down, and nature is doing its best to take over what’s left.

Of course, the best times to visit will be spring, summer, or fall. Basically, any season when there’s no snow on the ground. People do go in the winter, but outdoor adventures are often more pleasant when the weather is warmer.

You may even stumble upon some abandoned cars along your way!


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