Two Toronto beaches currently closed due to high E.coli levels

Jul 19 2019, 8:26 pm

With temperatures forecast to feel like the mid-forties today, residents will be doing whatever it takes to keep cool.

But if you’re looking to take an outdoor swim, be sure to avoid cooling off at two of Toronto’s popular beaches.

According to the City of Toronto, recent heavy rains and high water levels in Lake Ontario have created beach conditions which are unsafe for swimming.

On Wednesday, Toronto was hit by an intense and heavy rainfall that left Toronto roadways flooded, many vehicles submerged in water;  some areas received more than 80 mm of rain in less than six hours.

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According to SwimSafe Toronto, heavy rain and high water levels increased E. coli levels in Lake Ontario, which created beach conditions that are unsafe for swimming.

As of Wednesday, it’s unsafe to swim at Marie Curtis Park and Sunnyside Park because E. coli levels currently exceed the provincially established safety level of 100.

The city takes daily water samples from all 11 beaches and posts warning signs at the beaches and online if E. coli levels are high.

If you’re wondering if your beach of choice is safe for swimming on a specific day, the status of the beach water is updated daily. Visit Toronto’s SwimSage page for an up-to-date status of all the beaches in the city.

Here you’ll be able to view a map of all the beaches and see which ones are currently safe or unsafe to swim in.

City of Toronto

However, there are still plenty of public pools and additional beaches that you can cool off at. And just remember, if you chose to swim at a beach that’s labelled unsafe, you’ll be swimming at your own risk.

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