5 things to pick up in Toronto when you're feeling sick

Sep 22 2022, 6:25 pm

Waking up with a scratchy throat is a feeling we all dread, especially as we brace ourselves for the cold months ahead. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to tackle sickness before it takes hold.

When you feel a little tickle in your nose or catch yourself mid-sneeze, take a look at Dished’s breakdown of spots to pick up food and wellness products that might help to ease the pain.

UFO – Pho


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Pho is great for so many reasons: it’s flavoursome and filling, affordable and fresh, but most importantly it’s easy to eat with a sore throat. It may not be the best for a stomach bug, but it will certainly help to calm a cold.

Address: 241 Niagara Street, Toronto


Village Juicery – Wellness shots


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Staying hydrated is key when you’re under the weather, but it can be hard to replenish your body’s resources. Fortunately, a quick shot loaded with nutrients that are easy to throw back can be soothing on the road to recovery. A wellness shot certainly isn’t a quick fix, but it should help you to feel refreshed.

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Soul Provisions – Soup

Hand-made soups delivered right to your door, perfect for when getting out of bed is a step too far. This spot specializes in homemade Jewish-style chicken soup, with seemingly magical qualities that breathe life back into a miserable sick day, fun fact, they also serve popsicles!

Address: 571 Vaughan Road, Toronto


Peaches and Green – Immunity boosters


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This company specializes in products that boost health and wellness, you’ll find vitamin combinations specifically curated for cold and flu relief as well as immunity boosters and essential oils. They also sell greens and superfood products as well as candy, a selection of teas, and honey throat lozenges. Customers can pick up in-store or order online.

Address: 1561 Bayview Avenue, East York


Beekeeper’s Naturals – Throat spray

Packed full of anti-oxidants throat spray helps to keep your immunity up even if you’re not sick. It’s full of vitamins and hundreds of health-boosting elements that also help to relieve a scratchy throat.

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