"BIGPOOPY," "BADAZBCH" and other licence plates Ontario doesn't want on the road

Jun 1 2022, 8:52 pm

Movies, swear words, and bodily functions seem to be rather popular themes in the latest list of personalized licence plates (PLPSs) rejected by the Government of Ontario. The agency recently revealed a very long list of rejected licence plates from January 1 to December 31, 2021.

These applications were rejected on religious grounds or because they were considered obscene, discriminatory, or unreadable. A representative stated that some of these licence plates could still undergo a second review and “may be approved in the future.”

Still, before you decide on your new licence plate, remember: you might think it’s funny but the government official might not. Here are some of the rejected licence plates that range from silly to downright disturbing.

Abusive, obscene language, or derogatory language

Apparently, some applicants just gave ZR0F*CKS. Other fed-up drivers wanted people to know that they were all well and truly over it with plates like FECK, YFLPNNOT, FUQERY, and IDGAF.

Some just wanted everyone to know their deal and that they’re SASSYASF.

The people behind requests for BOS5LADY and BADAZBCH likely get what they want in life except for government approval for their personalized licence plates.

And then there were the extremes like RICHASF and BR0K3.AF.

Clarity and readability

BRRRRRT, BROOOOO, and G4M30VR were a hard pass for the government. Apparently, so is substituting “S” with a “5,” as was the case for GORGEOU5, LAWYER5, LET5GOOO, M1STR355, and P00R5CHE.

There must’ve been a few disappointed kids after H4KUNA and HOGWART5 were rejected.

The recent The Matrix movie was released in 2021 and clearly made an impression because people wanted M4TRIX and MORPHEU5 licence plates.

Drug and alcohol

Drug-themed plates like REEFER.J, NUPHARMA, and HIONHIGH were never going to make it.

Neither were booze-themed plates like MRGVILLE, WNE.LADY, GIN.ME, and APEROL no matter how delicious.

Graphics and characters

IH8GM7 and NO.CUP were a no.

Human rights discrimination

There’s nothing quite like insulting other drivers on the road with plates like L8R.L0SR.

LOW7LIFE and BRWNBOIZ also got a “no” from the government.

And if you think you can drive around with plates like ARYAN.05, AARIIAN, and ARY4N.S, think again.

Political figures, dignitaries, law enforcement

OMICRON might not have been popular this year but that doesn’t mean anyone will be allowed to use it on their licence plates.

Law enforcement-themed plates such as BUTOFCR, BYE.OFSR, COPZ, and UNVAXXEDRAD.COP were rejected.

And if you want to drive around with a licence plate saying IMCOMMIE, it’s safe to say that the government has strong opinions about that.


00MY.GOD sets the theme for all the many, many licence plates rejected on religious grounds.

There’s a pretty wide variety when it comes to the word “blessed”: BLSSINGS, BLESS143, BLISSNGS, BLSUSGOD.

“Heaven” features quite a bit along with “hell”: HELLRZR, HL.RAISIN, HELLCAT, HELL4YOU.

People who loved The Exorcist or Paranormal Activity were turned down because EXORCST, and CCTV.666 didn’t make it.

Neither did one likely Drake fan who wanted their licence plate to read GOD.PLAN.

Sexual meaning and eliminatory functions

Farting seems to be a popular theme in this section with creative variations like HUFARTED, HOOFARTD, HUF.HRTD, and so many more. Others that didn’t get past include IGOT2PEE and BIGPOOPY.


Violence and criminal activity

People have been watching too many gangster movies. Applications that were rejected include G0DFTHRR, GUNSMOK3, JLBREAK, OUTLAW66, FORGERY, and THUG.LFE.

Disappointed movie fans can console themselves by rewatching TOPGUN01, THEPURGE, and T3MN8ER.

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