Fuel's gold: Gas prices will continue to rise tomorrow

Jun 1 2022, 6:04 pm

Here we go again. Toronto car owners are already struggling with high gas prices, and, unfortunately, drivers can expect to feel the pinch at the pump the next time they fill up as gas prices will be going up again tomorrow.

Currently, the average gas price across Ontario is 200.3/litre, while in Toronto, drivers are paying 201.8/litre, according to CAA. That’s up from last week’s average of 197.5/litre, and if you want to feel even worse about it, the average price a year ago from today was 129.1/litre.


And it’s about to get even more expensive tomorrow.

According to Gas Wizard, a site that predicts gas prices, people can expect to pay an average of 203.9/litre, so you might want to fill up today.

Gas Wizard

We checked Gas Buddy, and it looks like the cheapest gas in the GTA can be found at a Shell station in Caledon for 191.9/litre. Costco members in Scarborough are in luck: they can fill up their tanks for 193.9/litre.

It looks like the only road trips we’ll be taking are to the gas station.

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