We went to the Museum of Illusions reopening to check out the mind-bending exhibits (PHOTOS)

Mar 17 2022, 4:27 pm

Nothing is quite as it seems at the Museum of Illusions, which reopened on Wednesday, March 16, with cool new concepts.

The museum first opened in Toronto in November 2018. It’s part of a global chain of private museums that got its start in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015. Now located in over 30 cities from Athens to Vienna, it’s continuing to expand with upcoming locations in cities like Atlanta, Dublin, and Kuala Lumpur.

The museum, located at 132 Front Street East near Lawrence Market, is packed with fun concepts and quirky photo ops that will undoubtedly help you step up your Instagram game.

Daily Hive Staff

As you make your way from one exhibit to another, you’ll soon realize that you can’t quite trust your eyes as you find yourself immersed in a world full of mind-bending illusions.

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Visitors can choose from over 80 illusions, holograms, installations, exhibits and, according to their website, you can even “unleash your inner Einstein” as you try to solve the Dilemma games.

Learn about size ratio in the Ames room and pretend to defy the laws of physics in the Tilted Room. Pretend to jump from the ceiling in the Rotated Room or serve your disembodied head on a plate because why not?

Daily Hive Staff

Daily Hive Staff

Play cards with five versions of yourself at the Clone Table or confuse your brain even further with a wall full of optical illusions. Then take turns with your friends at the Chair Illusion, which will challenge your perception of size.

You’ll no doubt feel a little wobbly on your feet as you make your way through the Vortex Tunnel with its spinning illusions that will have you grabbing for the rails.

You can also pop into the Infinity Tunnel, an experience which the website compares to taking a peek inside a bottomless pit.

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The museum’s most popular exhibit is the Infinity Room, which is full of mirrors that help create a sense of infinite space, so be prepared to line up for that one. The photos will no doubt be worth the wait.

Museum of Illusions focuses on providing an educational and family-friendly experience, and so far, the museum has hosted over 500 schools across Canada.

For kids, there’s a Smart Playroom full of games and brain teasers and, if you’d like to take a memento home with you, there’s a Smart Shop where you can purchase books, accessories, and souvenirs.

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The experience is tailored for individuals and large groups; you can book your timed tickets online. As for larger groups, make sure to schedule your visit 14 days in advance. Visitors will no doubt leave the museum with a sense of wonder and a better understanding of what goes into creating awe-inspiring illusions.

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Museum of Illusions is located at 132 Front Street East.

Price: Adults $27.24, seniors (65 and over) $24.15, children (up to 15 years old) $22.09, family of four (two adults and two children) $23.25. Check here for more information.

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