Ontario shopper finds mouse trapped in loaf of bread at local grocery store

Nov 9 2018, 8:25 am

Spotting a mouse scurrying on the streets can be gross, but finding one in a loaf of bread you’re about to buy is a real problem.

This unfortunate situation is exactly what happened to one Hamilton shopper at their local No Frills.

Reddit user u/ massivecoiler shared a picture of a mouse trapped inside a loaf of D’Italiano bread at No Frills in Hamilton.


massivecoiler/ Reddit

Daily Hive reached out to Loblaws Companies Ltd. — the owners of No Frills — and the company explained that the issue is under investigation.

“We are taking this matter very seriously and are investigating all potential causes. The store has taken a number of steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again, including working closely with their third-party pest control team, and inspecting bakery items daily,” said Loblaws in a statement.

According to Loblaws, Hamilton Public Health visited the No Frills where the mouse was found and “stated there are no concerns.”

“We are also working closely with our supplier to determine the source and are committed to addressing any issues immediately.  We apologize to our customers for the concern and inconvenience this has caused.”

Loblaws has been dealing with a lot more than a mouse in a loaf of bread. Earlier this week, the company responded to reports of raw, unwrapped steaks placed in a shopping cart at a Real Canadian Superstore location in at Dufferin and Steeles.

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