Short-distance GO Transit fares in Toronto just got cheaper

Apr 11 2019, 1:55 pm

Select GO Transit trips will now cost less from Toronto.

Following the April 10 Metrolinx board meeting, GO train fares officially got a reduction for short-distance trips by $1 when using PRESTO.

According to Metrolinx, the reduction reflects a 21% decrease to give commuters more affordable local transit rides.

Starting on April 20, the fares will be less for some trips, but it will be increasing for longer-distance GO trips.

The fare for GO trips that are about 10 km or less is being reduced to $3.70 — a  reduction from the lowest PRESTO fares of $4.71, states Metrolinx. Those who pay with single-fare paper tickets will see their fares lowered to $4.40 versus the current lowest ticket fare of $5.30.

This new fare will apply to any trip made between any GO stations or bus stops across the region that are within roughly 10 km of each other.

Fares on UP Express remain unchanged.

Customers will be able to calculate their new fare on the GO website as of April 20.

Below is a sample of how fares will change:


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“These significant reductions in short-distance fares, by at least 21% and by as much as 40% for some journeys, is a huge step towards making public transit even more affordable and more attractive for the people in our communities,” said Metrolinx president and CEO Phil Verster, last month.

Verster said they are currently running over 350 more train trips per week than 18 months ago.

But while the short distance fare will be decreasing, Metrolinx is increasing its longer-distance GO trips.

Also in effect on April 20, PRESTO fares for trips greater than approximately 10 km will increase by up to 4%. The price of a single-fare paper ticket, used for 8% of GO trips, will be increased by up to 10% for trips greater than 10 km.

For example, if you use PRESTO to pay for a journey from Union Station to Barrie South GO Station, the cost of your trip will increase by $0.42, according to Metrolinx.

On April 1, the TTC also raised its fares to $3.10, up from $3.