Toronto bakery known for outrageous eats whips up pizza gelato

Nov 12 2019, 8:51 am

An uptown bakery known for ridiculous desserts, massive pizza slices, and other over-the-top eats has done it again with the launch of pizza gelato.

The eatery shared an image of the creation on their Instagram account, and the reactions fell somewhere between bewildered and befuddled.

One commenter noted that it would be the perfect pregnancy food, while another offered the ever-unanswered question, “why not?”

Another offered, simply, “say sike.”

If you’re wondering what this concoction could possibly taste like, an Instagram-user who’s bio reads nothing but #IWillEatThis can offer some insight.

“Burning Questions Answered: Pizza gelato exists and it tastes like creamy tomato sauce. You’re welcome,” reads the caption of the user’s post about the stuff.

Lamanna’s Bakery / Instagram

“Cold pizza never tasted so good,” the bakery insists.

We, however, remain undecided.

Lamanna’s Bakery

Address: 6758 Kingston Road, Scarborough
Phone: 416-287-2020