This Toronto bakery just won the fall treat game (PHOTOS)

Oct 15 2019, 7:35 pm

You’ve heard of pizza pie, but how about pie pizza?

Lamanna’s Bakery, known for over-the-top seasonal and festive creations, is serving up exactly that: a massive slice of pizza topped with various flavours of autumnal pie.

Pumpkin, apple, berry, and pecan pastries top the massive slab of savoury-turned-sweet, with creamy icing as a base for the treats.

Lamanna’s Bakery / Instagram

While you may be brave enough to endeavour towards devouring this mountain of goodness solo, it’s likely something best enjoyed with pals.

So take the time to venture up to Lamanna’s while ’tis the season, because soon enough, there will be winter-themed treats moving in to take its place.

Lamanna’s Bakery / Instagram

Lamanna’s Bakery

Address: 6758 Kingston Road, Scarborough
Phone: 416-287-2020


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