Justin Bieber spotted at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Canada

Mar 31 2023, 4:16 pm

Justin Bieber was just spotted in Toronto at a Michelin-starred restaurant, where he was supporting his wife, Hailey Bieber.

There was an event for her skincare brand Rhode on Thursday night at Osteria Giulia, an Italian restaurant in Yorkville.

Among the invitees and influencers at the event, Justin showed up too.

There are a few photos and videos on Instagram of the Ontario-born pop singer sitting in the restaurant and using his phone to capture some content.

Someone even posted a clip of Bieber saying he”played DJ,” with a caption mentioning she “made sure he played ‘Munch‘ by Ice Spice.”

If your wife was having an event this fabulous, you’d probably want to be there too; the fancy restaurant was decked out with white flowers and candles.

It looks like invitees gotĀ Rhode products to try, including a new passion fruit peptide lip treatment.

There are some clips on Instagram of Hailey Bieber speaking at the dinner, wearing a long oversized powder blue jacket.

“Couldn’t be more grateful, couldn’t be happier to finally be in Canada,” she said.

It’s tough to make out the text on a custom menu for the event in photos, but it looks like people at the event were treated to classics like burrata, agnolotti and beef tenderloin.

818 Tequila (Kendall Jenner‘s tequila brand) was also part of the event providing drinks.

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