10 of the best ice cream destinations in Markham

Aug 8 2017, 3:44 pm

The weather has been fickle this year, but even without a heat wave the summer months in the GTA are always when ice cream stores are busiest. It’s almost as if eating enough frozen treats can will the good weather our way (that’s the plan, right?).

Rain or shine, ice cream is perfect for every occasions, so here are 10 of the best ice cream shops in Markham.  

Old Firehall Confectionery

Old Firehall Confectionery/Facebook

When you walk into the Old Firehall Confectionery you notice the smell of waffles first. This is because all the waffle cones are made right in front of you! The confectionery serves scoops of Kawartha ice cream, soft serve, and cold stone ice cream, and also has a plethora of toppings to choose from.

Address: 170 Main Street Unionville, Markham
Phone: 905-415-9192

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Tendou Matcha & Dessert

Tendou specializes in matcha and black sesame soft serve ice cream and sources all their ingredients from Japan including Yame Matcha powder and 3.6% Hokkaido milk. The focus here is on the intensity of the matcha and black sesame flavours and cones generously over-filled. The go-to is the matcha-black sesame swirl which can be had chocolate dipped for some extra jazz.

Address: 3621 Highway 7 East, Unit 118, Markham
Phone: 905-604-5133

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Cool N2 Ice Cream

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Cool N2

Whether it’s from a food festival or from a school’s science department, liquid nitrogen ice cream just sounded gimmicky. Cool N2 shows foodies that liquid nitrogen ice cream is here to stay, even if it does cost $10. Not only do you get a cool scene of smoke and mist from the chemical reactions—which is perfect for Instagram—but the flavours are phenomenal.

Address: 28 South Unionville Avenue, Unit 1036, Markham
Phone: 905-604-6885

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Wooffles & Cream

A waffle cone at Wooffles & Cream has a different meaning than at other ice cream shops; that’s because Wooffles serves their ice cream in a Hong Kong bubble waffle! Here you can mix and match from a rotating roster of ice cream flavours with a selection of bubble waffles in flavours such as cookies and cream, chocolate chip and peanuts, sesame and seaweed, and many more.

Address: 8360 Kennedy Road, Unit 81, Markham
Phone: 647-281-0487

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Moji Japanese Eatery

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Moji has an endless variety of soft-serve ice cream flavours, ranging from Bubble Milk Tea to classics like Strawberry. There’s also a myriad of toppings such as Oreo bits, rolled cookie wafers, and whipped cream. Moji’s cute atmosphere is a plus to your ice cream experience—a perfect for a first date.

Address: 8362 Kennedy Road, Unit A6, Markham
Phone: 905-479-6654

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Love Gelato

Love Gelato

Love Gelato is the Markham expert in authentic Italian gelato. Established in 2013, the business sources gelato from local vendors to bring customers the best possible product. The gelateria also partners with many events in the area and can be found beyond Main Street at events like the Markham Jazz Festival.

Address: 75 Main Street North, Markham
Phone: 905-201-2918

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Flavours of Unionville

Serving ice cream on Unionville’s Main Street is tough. The winter months make it impossible to operate, leading many ice cream parlours to close down the second people start to put on thicker jackets. Flavours of Unionville is one of the resilient businesses that has managed to survive seasonally, especially since they have a patio. And while winter months are desolate, their summer months involve plenty of business, live outdoor music, and lots of fun.

Address: 155 Main Street Unionville, Markham
Phone: 647-987-4227



HCafe has a variety of unique ice cream flavours like taro and coconut. The store always has long line-ups for their cheesecakes, but the ice cream is just as good. With beautiful seating areas inside and outside the store, HCafe on Unionville main street is a fantastic destination on warm summer evenings.

Address: 158 Main Street Unionville, Markham
Phone: 905-604-6670

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Toast Delight

Wooffles & Cream aren’t the only bubble-waffle-ice-cream players in the city; Toast Delight also serves the duo. In a small store with almost no seats on the upper floor of Langham Square, Toast Delight changes it up with the addition of Thai rolled ice cream, in addition to scoops. Ice cream and waffle flavours include favourites like green tea and chocolate and specialities such as squid ink and ube.

Address: 8339 Kennedy Road, Unit 2659, Markham
Phone: 416-856-3026

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Sweet Esc

Sweet Esc/Facebook

A quaint little shop in a small plaza north of Warden and Steeles, Sweet Esc is exactly what its name entails: a sweet escape. The dessert spot is known for their custom dessert hotplates offering a choice of freshly made brownie or waffle base, a variety of homemade ice creams, and dozens of toppings and sauces to sweeten the deal.

Address: 30 Gibson Drive, Unit 120, Markham
Phone: 905-604-6588

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