Doug Ford vows to end King Street pilot project if elected mayor

Nov 22 2017, 11:44 pm

With the King Street Pilot Project now in its second week, there are definitely some skeptical motorists.

Particularly future mayoral candidate Doug Ford.

Ford says the King Street Pilot Project is a “disaster” and a “mess” and that he would reverse it if he is elected mayor of Toronto next year.

The project went into effect on November 12 and is changing the way cars travel on King Street between Bathurst and Jarvis. The project gives priority to people and transit first, by improving transit reliability, speed, and capacity.

Ford, however, says that by making King Street a transit priority zone actually makes it “a car exclusion zone.”

In a video shared by Ford on Twitter, he can be seen driving down a busy downtown street that’s bumper to bumper.

He can be heard saying, “this is a disaster. This is a war on the car and it has to come to an end.”

Ford has even gone as far as to start his own petition and is asking citizens to sign the petition to “oppose the car exclusion zone on King Street.”

As for how many people have actually signed his petition remains unclear. But what is clear is how many Torontonians are actually loving the new implementations.

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