Doug Ford's daughter shares anti-vax message on social media

Aug 5 2021, 5:47 pm

As Premier Doug Ford begs Ontarians to get vaccinated against COVID-19, one of his daughters has come under fire for social media posts deemed to be anti-vaccine.

Krista Ford Haynes, the eldest of the premier’s four daughters, posted several videos on her Instagram story this week after receiving a flyer encouraging Canadians to get a vaccine.

“This is what I got in the mail today, so I’m going to read it to y’all,” Haynes says, holding the flyer up to the camera.

“We can all help by getting vaccinated. Here is what you should know. The vaccines are safe,” she reads, before furrowing her brow, twisting her mouth, and looking at the camera.

She continues to read the flyer out loud, which states that the vaccines have been studied for over a year, are effective, and have been administered to hundreds of millions of people.

Haynes periodically looks at the camera as the words “Why aren’t they sending us bibles and telling us to read them?” appear across the screen.

“The vaccines can not give you COVID-19,” she reads, adding: “You might want to fact-check that.”

The stories were concluded with a boomerang of Haynes holding the flyer and shaking her head, along with the hashtag: “#mybodymychoice.”

Although her Instagram account is private, a recording of Haynes’ story has been shared on Reddit, where users have decried her comments as “anti-vax” and “dangerous.”

Several people have stated that she is “promoting conspiracies,” and dozens of others have encouraged her to fact-check her own comments.

“This makes my blood boil. She is ignorant and has done no ‘fact checking before telling thousands of followers so confidently that the vaccine is not safe,” one user wrote.

“She is an insult to all healthcare workers, people that lost their jobs during the pandemic, people that have gotten COVID and struggle to get back to normal, all those that have passed and their family members left to mourn them.”

Another added: “Vaccines do not give you COVID-19 ‘might want to fact check that.’ How can she be so confident that it’s incorrect when fact checking would prove that it is correct.”

To date, 19,710,224 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in Ontario. The province has seen 551,338 virus cases and 9,374 deaths since the pandemic began.

Daily Hive has contacted Doug Ford’s office and will update this story accordingly.

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