Aggressive Toronto coyote shot and killed by police following attacks

Nov 22 2021, 5:20 pm

Toronto police have put down a coyote that attacked two people in a Toronto park over the weekend.

The coyote bit the people at Bayview Village Park. Police tweeted that the animal was acting aggressively and advised residents to avoid the park and be cautious in the area.

A spokesperson with the Toronto Police Service told Daily Hive that Animal Services requested Emergency Task Force assistance on Monday morning.

“On arrival, it was determined the coyote was believed to be the same one that had attacked two people this weekend. There were concerns the animal would continue to roam and from a public safety standpoint, a decision was made to put the animal down,” the spokesperson said in an email.

The animal was reported to police near Hollywood Public School in North York.

Police attended the scene and shot and killed the animal near the school. They worked with the school to make sure that no children saw the animal being killed.

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