Here's how much it costs to rent near every Toronto subway station

May 13 2021, 6:07 pm

Being able to step outside of your apartment and hop on the subway is a luxury that not every city dweller has. But thanks to a new analysis of rent prices near each of the city’s subway stations, renters can now see which Toronto stops are the cheapest to live near.

From the Montreal-based moving resource platform MovingWaldo, the analysis calculated the average costs of one- and two-bedroom rentals near every city subway and compiled the information into a helpful infographic.

Perhaps unsurprising to most Torontonians, Bay is the most expensive station to live near. Sat in the affluent neighbourhood of Yorkville, one-bedroom rentals here cost an average of $2,356. Two-bedroom units have even more jaw-dropping prices, costing an average of $3,383.

Units near the neighbouring Museum station also come with hefty price tags. One-bedrooms near the station average $2,158, and two-bedrooms come in at $2,983.

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Renters looking for something more affordable but still near a subway station should check out the Dundas West area. There, one-bedrooms cost $1,356 on average — the cheapest of all the subway stations.

Other more affordable stations include Victoria Park in Scarborough, where one-bedrooms average $1,400, and Glencairn, which has one-bedrooms averaging $1,522.

Any renters wanting to live downtown near a subway station that are looking for more affordable options, will want to check out rentals near St. Patrick and Osgoode stations. They have the two cheapest average rents in the downtown core, with Osgoode one-bedrooms averaging $1,670 and St. Patrick one-bedrooms averaging $1,674.

So if trying to rent a (somewhat) more affordable apartment near a Toronto subway station seemed like an impossible feat, it turns out it’s all about knowing where to look.

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