The folks behind Belfast Love are opening a barber shop on Ossington

Dec 1 2016, 10:17 pm

Barber & Co. is already well established on Canada’s west coast where five full-service barbershops in Vancouver triumph traditional hot shaves, stylish cuts, and expert fades offered in the comfort of a social club.

It’s kind of like the man cave equivalent to Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Soon, Barber & Co.‘s sixth outpost will open in Toronto.

Barber & Co./Facebook

Situated on Ossington Avenue, the new outpost will be the first in Toronto for the Donnelly Group, the same folks who opened Belfast Love on King West this past summer.

Barber & Co./Facebook

Already in the works, the incoming barbershop will be licensed (per the AGCO application posted to the window), and offer hair styling, buzzcuts, grey blending, straight razor shaves, beard and moustache trims, and more.

Barber & Co./Facebook

Barber & Co.

Coming soon: 89 Ossington Avenue, Toronto
Instagram: @barberandco

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