Adamson BBQ to close temporarily due to Ontario's vaccine certificates

Sep 16 2021, 6:14 pm

Adamson Barbecue will reportedly be closing up “until further notice” as Ontario’s vaccine certificate, limiting access to non-essential businesses, comes into effect next week.

In an Instagram post shared on Monday, the restaurant announced its last call would be on September 17 and 18 as the new vaccine certificates come into effect the following week.

“Vaxpass comes into effect September 22. I can’t, in good conscience, comply with these orders,” said owner Adam Skelly in his Instagram post.


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“That said, I’m bound by bail conditions (50k bond) and a court order to comply with the Reopening Ontario Act.”

Skelly also said that not abiding by the laws set in place “would be a futile protest.”

What is being called the “Enhanced Vaccine Certificate” will launch on September 22. Proof of vaccination will be required in non-essential settings, including restaurants, movie theatres, and gyms.

Those who do not show proof of immunization could be fined $750, and businesses that are caught failing to verify certificates will face $1,000 fines. And if a business is charged and convicted, it can be fined up to $10 million.

Adamson BBQ has been outspoken in the past about the provincial government’s handling of the pandemic, lockdowns, and its effect on businesses.

“I’ve been adapting my business to serve you better for eight years. It’s been a blast,” said Skelly.

“Today’s necessary adaptation to keep the show going is to kneel to tyrants. No can do.”

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