7 sports bars to watch the Sounders home opener in Seattle

Apr 15 2021, 12:44 pm

With less than 24 hours to go until game night, you may be stressing out about where to watch the Sounders home opener tonight.

If you’re not one of the few lucky ticket holders, we’ve got good news: you can still watch the game around other loyal fans. You’ll just have to stay seated and at least six feet apart.

Although it’s late, we still recommend you call to make a reservation as soon as possible.

Here are seven spots to catch the Seattle Sounders home opener:

Wing Dome


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Yes, wings are more so a football snack. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be tasty and delicious during the home opener. With a name like Wing Dome, the hardest part of the night will be picking which flavors to take home.

Location: 7818 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle
Phone: 206-706-4036

Location: 1201 Alaskan Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-623-2066
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Buckley’s Pub

Tvs? Check. Beer? Check. Pub food? Check. We’ve done our investigating and have deemed Buckley’s Pub to be suitable for game night. Alright, who are we kidding? It’s perfect for game night.

Location: 232 1st Avenue W, Seattle
Phone: 206-691-0232

Location: 2331 2nd Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-588-8879

Rookies Sports Bar and Grill


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With 14 flat-screen TVs, a mondo 70-incher, and mini televisions above the urinals, there’s no shortage of spots to see the game. Enjoy the game surrounded by fellow Sounders lovers in this locally owned, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Location: 3820 S Ferdinand Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-722-0301
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The Westy 


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The Westy is a sports bar to the max. Well, minus the greasy food. The spot offers a seasonally rotating food menu and a well-curated list of beer, cider, and whiskey.

Location: 7908 35th Avenue SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-937-8977

Location: 1215 NE 65th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-402-5518
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LTD Bar and Grill


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In the old pre-COVID days around 2019, this family-friendly bar and grill would get pretty rowdy on big game days. With 12 beers on tap and 15 televisions, this year is sure to get massive cheers and whoops, although everyone will remain seated at their own tables.

Location: 309 North 26th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-632-7876
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Uptown Hophouse


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You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of Uptown Hophouse, but that’s why it’s a perfect last-minute spot. The new sports pub is located right across the street from Key Arena and promises good food, great craft beer, wine and spirits.

Location: 219 First Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-453-3667
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Ballard Station Public House

Ballard Station Public House serves up delicious vegan, vegetarian and, meat pizzas along with Caesar salads and of course, beers galore. Don’t worry about missing key parts of the game thanks to annoying crying babies, as the spot is strictly for those 21+.

Location: 2236 NW Market Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-906-9040
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