Liquidation sales have officially started at the Macy's in downtown Seattle

Jan 8 2020, 1:10 am

While most of us have been ignoring it for the past few months, the blaring white, red, and yellow signs of liquidation force us to face reality: Macy’s truly is closing down.

Earlier last year, it was announced that Macy’s would be closing their 90-year-old Downtown Seattle store at Third Avenue and Pine Street. The iconic building faced its final Macy’s holiday season in December 2019 and is already being reconstructed into an Amazon building.

According to Redditor nibay, the Macy’s store has removed their window displays and has put up liquidation signs reading “Nothing held back!” and “This store only closing, everything must go.”

While we’re expecting further discounts closer to the closing date, every item in-store is currently reduced by up to 50%.

Downtown Seattle Macy's Closing

@nibay / Instagram

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