Small Business Spotlight: 11:11 supply makes mystery boxes of stationary

Apr 28 2020, 9:05 pm

A local shop is curating surprise stationery boxes to fit your lifestyle.

There may not have always been a lot of demand for a bespoke iteration of stationary, but one local seller has penned its own story in the city.

Legendary Portland shop 11:11 is the perfect local business to support during this time of economic uncertainty, providing you currently have a lot more free time on your hands. Writing, taking notes, staying organized, and planning for the future are fine ways to burn the daylight hours.

11:11 is well known around town as a really cool place to take your neat-freak pals, writer friends, or if you just want to make a specifically personalized notebook at its Notebook Bar. The shop also plays home to a wide variety of classes for improving communication, planning strategies, the neurological reasoning behind work ethics, and more.


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One of the best things on offer at 11:11 is even more epic now that the shop is technically closed for physical browsing: curated mystery boxes.

With three options on sale, 11:11 has taken into consideration the psychology of happy surprises.

Badassery Box – The Badassery Mystery Box is designed for those focused on improving their productivity, mental performance, and reaching their work and life goals.

Self-Care Box – The Self-Care Mystery Box is perfect for those focused on their health and wellbeing.

Nerd-Out Box – The Nerd Out Mystery Box is perfect for fans of science and psychology.

The new online ordering system introduced post-coronavirus closures greatly helps fans of 11:11 and awesome productivity supplies, makes this a no-brainer for an isolation upgrade.

11:11 Supply

Address: 33 NE Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Portland
Phone: 503-453-0172


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