Portland's Grassa takes mac & cheese to another level

Mar 6 2020, 1:07 am

Portland’s favorite Grassa restaurants take the classic macaroni & cheese notion and blasts it beyond the stars with the addition of one specific ingredient.

If you were to look up comfort food in the dictionary, chances are you might find a picture of the age-old traditional mac & cheese.

Sure, there are rumors that US President Thomas Jefferson may have been the one to have invented the dish, but recipes in written-form date as far back as 1769.

This simple and gooey meal has been around for hundreds of years, and only a few specific places around the globe have managed to take what is a new flawless meal and elevate it.

Enter renowned Oregon Chef Rick Gencarelli and his extremely popular restaurant Grassa. The Lardo and Bear O’Clock founder has been serving up some of Portland’s best pasta for nearly a decade.


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The Grassa menu sports an absolute mountain of feasible picks, but it’s their mac & cheese that completely blows away any preconceptions you’ve ever had about a cheesy pasta dish.

For starters, Grassa uses Conchiglie pasta (the large shells), making each noodle a small bowl of sauce, and the only real way to make mac & cheese. Fight me. In addition to the perfect noodle, Grassa adds jalapenos, red onions, and cornbread crumbs to their dish.

However, the king of the castle, is the barbequed pork belly. It’s astoundingly soft, immensely flavor-packed, and the saltiness of the fat will absolutely floor you.

With three locations inside Portland city limits, you do not have a single good reason to skip out on this legend-tier mac & cheese.


Address: 1205 SW Washington Street, Portland
Phone: 503-241-1133

Address: 1506 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland
Phone: 971-386-2196

Address: 1375 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland
Phone: 971-407-3090

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