Jpanini food truck is bringing Japanese-style sandos to Portland

Mar 4 2020, 1:03 am

Just a few days ago, the streets of Portland got a lot more delicious with the addition of a new food truck parked about. Having opened up shop (or cart) on March 2, Jpanini is the most exciting thing to hit the Northwest on four wheels this year.

Jpanini brings the fire with its classic Japanese ingredients, toppings, flavors, and sandos to Portland. Sando, the Japanese slang or short-form of sandwich, is common among convenience store (Konbini) meals.


On their fairly straightforward menu, Jpanini offers up a few different Japanese fried proteins such as Ton Katsu (Pork), Ebi Katsu (Shrimp), and Tori (Chicken). Additionally, Jpanini serves up what they call JFC, or Japanese Fried Chicken, which is a Chicken Karrage-style sando.

Notably, the Japanese chefs are tight-lipped on their special Jpanini sando sauce, and it makes such a huge difference in their flavors. Jpanini converges on the corner of classic and modern simplicity, and it does so with immense taste and attention to details.


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Whatever the choice of cutlet you make, the natsukashÄ« (nostalgia) one can experience when Jpanini’s lightly sour and citric sauce hits your tongue, or the crunch of the fry slaps your tastebuds is bonkers.

However, what is a sandwich without bread? In a move to support local business, Jpanini has partnered up with Portland’s Japanese bakery Oyatsupan, which supplies the newly minted food truck with their bread. It’s soft, flavorful, and holds a special place in hearts all around town. Best of all, it holds up to sauce and strain like no other.

Jpanini and Oyatsupan are truly a match made in heaven.


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Currently, Jpanini is running an opening week sale where everything on their menu is locked-off at only $5, so if you’re looking to snuggle into one of the city’s best and newest sandwiches, head over to SW 2nd Avenue and Harvey Milk.


Address: 399 SW 2nd Avenue, Portland
Phone: 971-319-0826
Hours: 11:30 am – 2 pm

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