Beauty up close: Montreal's new immersive Van Gogh exhibit has opened

Apr 28 2022, 2:27 pm

Have you wondered what it would be like to walk through a masterpiece?
You needn’t wonder anymore.

Following the success of RECHARGER/Unwind, the wonderfully colourful world of Vincent Van Gogh has been brought to life at Montreal’s Palais des congrès, and visitors can walk freely through animated renderings of classic works like “Almond Blossoms,” “Starry Night,” and many more.

van gogh

Al Sciola

VAN GOGH – Distorsion, which can be observed at the OASIS immersion art space, features over 225 of the Dutch artist’s paintings, drawings and sketches in a “high-level technological environment.”

At a runtime of about an hour and 15 minutes, this unique immersive exhibition takes a modern look at Van Gogh’s work and imagines what he may have accomplished with today’s technology, mixing digital animation and media. Visitors can move through each brushstroke of the Dutch artist’s many oeuvres.

Al Sciola

According to a press release, Distorsion’s main features include three immersive galleries with 360-degree projections – walls and floors, equipped with 105 laser projectors and 119 surround-sound speakers. As you move through the galleries, you first get to know Vincent through his sketches and letters to his brother. As you continue to explore, the artist’s connection to colour begins to expand, enhancing the overall experience. By the end, you are completely immersed and surrounded by beautiful landscapes and portraits.

Organizers call the made-in-Montreal exhibition a “moving sensory experience that celebrates this larger-than-life pioneer.” After receiving our very own sneak peek, we could not agree more.

van gogh

OASIS immersion/Submitted to Daily Hive Montreal

The immersive experience will be in town until September. To purchase tickets to VAN GOGH – Distorsion, click here.


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