Best hidden bars and speakeasies in Montreal you might not know about

Jun 16 2021, 6:55 pm

Even if you’re from Montreal, there’s probably some hidden bar, underground, and speakeasy drinking going on that you might not know about.

Tasty cocktails and craft beer have been poured in really cool spots around the city that are completely off the map.

We’re going to highlight some of the city’s bars that have all the thrilling allure of being a secret.

Just be sure to keep these on the low-down.

Atwater Cocktail Club

If you like waiting in alleyways to get into places, Atwater Cocktail Club is your spot. That isn’t to take away from the ACC — pass through a giant steel door at the back of a dead-end passageway to find the dark disco-themed bar.

To keep up with appearances, the Atwater Cocktail Club asks patrons not to take pictures. Sneaky, sneaky.

The Coldroom


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The Coldroom is one of Montreal’s worst kept secrets. To find it, look for the duck below the exit sign at El Pequeño Bar and enjoy a seriously dark but enjoyable speakeasy.

Bar Le Royal


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This 70-seat secret spot in Le Plateau serves oysters, ceviche, margarita, DJs, and phenomenal cocktails.

Le Royal is temporarily closed as a result of COVID-19 but expects to be back up and running by the summer.

Le 4e Mur


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Finding Le 4e Mur is cool because there’s a whole process to finding its location. Guests fill out a contact form on its website and are then emailed the address.

Which, you know, isn’t ideal if you want to get there quickly, but it adds to the secret appeal of going to a bar.

Cloakroom Bar

Cloakroom is arguably the city’s most intimate speakeasy. With just 25 seats, this hidden spot is a gem. Tell the bartenders what alcohol you like and they’ll whip up a cocktail for you, just like that.

Big in Japan Bar


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Big in Japan will make you think twice while walking in as if you’re in the wrong spot. The candle-lit spot has a square bar in the middle of the room and makes you feel like you’re in a James Bond film.

Returning customers might fancy buying a bottle and storing it on the ceiling so they can finish it off at a later date.

Totally cool.

Big in Japan is temporarily closed and is slated to reopen in July.



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Nestled into downtown Montreal, Gokudo is tucked into a trendy corner near The Bay and is an awesome Yakuza-themed cocktail speakeasy.

Gokudo is also temporarily closed with eyes of returning in early July.



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Old Port and a secret speakeasy? What more could you want.

Broken Coconut


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Broken Coconut is a classy, dimly lit, and comfy spot (not to mention secretive) if you want a mojito, punch cocktail, or daiquiri in the Old Port.

According to an Instagram post from the bar over the winter, Broken Coconut is indefinitely closed due to COVID-19 but will quietly open its doors in the early summer months.

Le Couvent


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Hidden inside the Bistro-Brasserie Les SƓurs Grises, Le Couvent is a cozy and dark spot on McGill Street to grab a seriously tasty fruit drink while staying on the down low.

Henden Bar

The fried chicken joint Bird Bar has a bar hidden inside it. It’s a bar within a bar.

Henden is under the Bird Bar and has an extensive list of great cocktails and a cozy atmosphere.

Milky Way Cocktail Bar

This magical spot is totally Instagram-worthy. It has a very intergalactic vibe and is open seven days a week (traditionally until 3 am every day).

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