A sex-ed pilot program is coming to Quebec daycares

Sep 12 2018, 7:43 pm

Starting in November, 1,200 daycare children across Quebec will take part in a sex-ed pilot project launched by the Marie-Vincent Foundation.

Children, aged 5 and under, will be taught about gender equality and how to protect themselves from sexual abuse.

The Marie-Vincent Foundation is an orgzanization that provides medical and therapeutic services to children who are victims of sexual violence.

The pilot project “believes in the importance of starting sexuality education early in children’s lives,” reads the website. “It aims to determine the most promising preventive practices to protect our youngest children, particularly by developing educational material and strategies tailored to their developmental stage. In the aim of increasing protective factors for our youngest, the project works with kids’ loved ones and people working in the preschool sector.”

The project will teach children how to respect their boundaries, how to communicate their discomfort if a situation arises and gender equality.

The Marie-Vincent foundation is using visuals, books and games as mediums to teach the daycare classes.

The website claims that more than 100 parents are involved, many of whom filled out questionnaires and surveys about what they feel needs to be taught to their children.

The program is not mandatory and parents are free to remove their child from the education course and notices will be given before the program starts.

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