Quebec's rental board warns of fake eviction notice circulation

Jun 18 2019, 12:23 am

The Régie du logement, Quebec’s rental board, has sent out a warning to tenants about fake eviction notices circulating around the province.

“These deceptive notices contain information that does not conform with the law and is likely to mislead tenants about their rights,” said the Régie du logement’s statement.

“A tenant is not required to comply with notices that don’t conform with the law.”

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By law in Quebec, a landlord must have a valid reason for an eviction while giving the tenant(s) at least six months notice before the active lease expires.

For temporary evictions, tenants must be given half a year’s worth of notice as well as compensation.

The fake notices have been telling tenants that landlords are planning major construction work and have “until the end of the month to leave.”

The counterfeit eviction notes have the same font and design as official notices, according to the press release.

The rental board claims it has formally ordered landlord to cease sending all eviction notices until a new layout is ordered.

Tenants who are in doubt can ask for a ruling as to whether or not a notice is valid, according to the Régie.

The statement did not provide a reason as to why the fake eviction notices are circulating.

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