Someone in Montreal spent over $1,700 on a single Uber Eats order

Nov 10 2021, 8:44 pm

We’ve all done our fair share of Uber Eats ordering over the course of the pandemic (some more than others).

But some people have turned months’ worth of Uber Eats orders into one single order.

The food delivery app revealed its third annual Cravings Report for 2021 in November, revealing that Canada’s most expensive Uber Eats order happened in Montreal.

On April 3, employees at Poulet Rouge at the CF Promenades St-Bruno were faced with fulfilling a $1,715.88 order, tax excluded.

Annie Beauregard, Poulet Rouge’s director of marketing, told Daily Hive that the order, which came in at 3:45 pm, was delivered at 5:22 pm.

Poulet Rouge, which specializes in well-balanced chicken and bowls, put together an impressive single order for the hefty Uber Eats delivery. Beauregard says the order included 39 quinoa bowls, 15 veggie bowls, 39 Poulet Rouge poutines, and 39 Rouge bowls.


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In total, Beauregard said the $1,715.88 order had 132 bowls altogether. She said “a lot of delivery bags were used” and added, “Fortunately, all of our packaging is compostable!”

The franchise, which has 19 locations across Quebec and Ottawa, delivers on Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Top that, DoorDash.

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