Some of the best Montreal foodie Instagram accounts you should be following

Nov 5 2021, 4:21 pm

When it comes to showing off food, there’s no better place than Instagram.

Sure, you could take pictures of food, print them out, put them in a photo album, and physically show it to your friends, but it’s just so much easier on the ‘gram.

Some of the most popular Instagram accounts in today’s virtual world are dedicated solely to posting pictures and videos of food.

And you know what? We’re down with it. Because the next best thing to actually eating the food is combing through hundreds of pictures of food that you want to eat next.

For example, the hashtag #food and #foodporn have over 700 million posts on Instagram.

But since we don’t expect you to resonate with nearly one billion food-related posts, we’ll whittle it down to the best Montreal-based foodie Instagrams worth following.

And while you’re at it, make sure to give us a follow and showcase some of your favourite local dishes and spots with the hashtag #dailyhivemtl.



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A post shared by 514eats (@514eats)

Simply put, this account is run by two guys who “like to eat and drink” around Montreal.

These guys test out a wide variety of Montreal eats and post fun reviews of each meal.


MTLFoodFrenzy is a foodie who gets up close to Montreal’s meals, takes high-quality shots, and offers a great variety of food, desserts, coffee, and drinks.


If you want to pair your food photos with some chuckles, this blogger does “straight-up food videos, no music, no talking, no BS.” She’s got a great sense of humour, camera presence, and a good variety of local grub.



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A post shared by Maya | Montreal Foodie (@mtl.foodie)

Maya is a personal blogger who posts pictures of local food for “everyone trying to eat their way through Montreal.”


Sofia shares her experiences trying food from all across Quebec along with great French insight and charming photos.



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A post shared by @nopicturesplz

@nopicuresplz calls herself a “diet dropout” and her onslaught of Montreal eateries might prove that to be true.


Consistency is key for @shutupandeatmtl, he posts a lot of food, a lot of the time. Plus he’s right — shut up and eat.



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On DĂ©jeune is a blogger whose posts are exclusively about breakfast, brunch, early morning treats, and coffee in Montreal.



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A post shared by OUT2EAT (@out2eat.mtl)

OUT2EAT is an account run by two Montrealers who scarf back local desserts, health food, greasy food, and pizzas.

Their pictures will make you hungry.



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A post shared by Will Travel for Food (@mayssamaha)

This Montreal-based food and travel blogger has a good eye, great taste, and an overall enjoyable food-based page.

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