29 things to do in Montreal this weekend: June 15 to 17

Jun 15 2018, 1:23 am

Just because Montreal isn’t flooded with people like it was last weekend, doesn’t mean we should be any less excited about it.

The city’s got plenty to offer you this weekend, June 15 to 17 so tee-shirt up, it’s going to be a scorcher – just in time for Father’s Day too.

Fringe Festival



Montreal’s Fringe Festival wraps up this weekend. The festival featured over 500 artists and close to 700 performances through June.

Catch up with a plethora of shows entering the final act. This weekend’s lineup includes: Lucky, HoneyMoon, Girl in the Box, Bite Your Tongue, $elf-Made $lut, Dance Side of the Moon, Bad Habits, Mid Knight, #Ashtag, How to be a Dick, Giant and Angry, Naked Ugly Painting, Awkward Hug, Flute Loops, What the Hell Happened to my Pation Furniture, and more!

The shows are a variety of comedy, drama, burlesque, dance and a lot of them involve audience interaction.

The best part – every show is only $10. Times and locations vary, check the website for specific details.

When: From now until June 17
Time: Varies according to show
Where: Varies according to show
Price: $10, available at the door or online

Clerel and Only the Righteous at Honey Martin Pub

Clerel and Only the Righteous are local musicians who know how to bring it. They play a Motown style of music – very unique and mellow vibes. The group will be playing at Honey Martin Pub on Friday, which will be a perfect intimate setting for the type of music Clerel and co. bring.

When: Clerel and Only the Righteous perform every Friday at Honey Martin Pub
When: Honey Martin is open from 3 pm – 3 am, the band starts at 10 pm – 2:30 am
Where: 5916 Sherbrooke Ouest
Price: Free to enter


FrancoFolies de Montreal is the world’s largest French-speaking music festival. This weekend’s edition will be their 30th overall and will host 50 concerts on seven different venues across the city. You can expect to hear a variety of genres including hip-hop, rock, folk, and electro. The majority of these outdoor shows are also free.

FrancoFolies ends this weekend too. As the festival gears up for its final lap, it’s headlined by Dead Obies, La Chicane, Emilie Bilodeau, LaF, Pierre Lapointe, Brel Symphonique, Mara Tremblay, and so many more!

When: From now until June 17
Time: 9 am – 5 pm
Where: Various venues in Montreal, check website for details

Comedy at the Art Loft

june 15-17

Comedy at the Art Loft/Facebook

Comedy at the Art Loft is the hottest underground comedy show in Montreal. It’s the city’s only weekly bilingual show and is run out of a private loft on Rue Saint Laurent and always packed with people. It feels like a college party, except a comedian is speaking into a microphone and making you laugh. Every week features a variety of talented headliners, hosts and local comics. This week’s headliner is JFL alum David Pryde. The show is hosted by the very funny Quinn McMorrow and featured acts include Harrison Weinreb, Olivié Picard, Alex Leonard, and Gabriel Omassi.

There will be a DJ and snacks. BYOB and 420 friendly. Very 420 friendly.

When: Every Friday
Time: Doors open at 9 pm, show starts at 10:30 pm
Where: 4152 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Price: $10 at the door (cash only)

Plantzy’s Cactus Sale

Plantzy’s shop will be offering a sale of cacti and succulents. Choose from a wide selection of plants to decorate your apartment, house, balcony, or windowsill to signify the start of summer. The shop has tropical plants and original creations for every budget.

When: Friday, June 15
Time: 12 pm – 5 pm
Where: 5445 av. de Gaspé

Glow Yoga

Glow Yoga is yoga done with neons. Guests are encouraged to bring bright clothes and will be given glow sticks upon arrival. Dani will guide the class through a yoga course illuminated by neon lights and glow sticks. There will also be masseuses on site and it’s free!

When: Friday June 15
Time: 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Where: 9140 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard- lululemon DIX30
Price: Free

FolkFest sur le Canal

The 11th edition of the FolkFest sur le Canal is happening all weekend. A free music festival? By the water? Yes.

The festival is set up alongside the historic Lachine Canal and hosts an impressive list of folk genre music and artists from all over the world.

When: From now until June 17
Time: 12 pm – 8 pm
Where: 3653-3667 Rue Saint-Patrick, Centennial Esplanade
Price: Free

La Ronde



La Ronde is open for the summer!

Test your bravery on the Goliath, Le Monstre, Ednör, or Le Demon. Check out this season’s newly expanded Splash area and the new ride, Le Tourbillon. Forget lunch and supper, fill up on popcorn and cotton candy – it’s the weekend, you earned it.

When: Until October 28
Time: 10:30 am – 8 pm
Where: 22 Chemin Macdonald
Price: Available online or at the box office

Pablo Picasso Exhibition

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts latest exhibit explores Pablo Picasso’s influences in African art with “From Africa to the Americas: Picasso Face-to-Face, Past and Present.” The major exhibition offers a new perspective and an interesting rereading of modern art history. The exhibition features still life, paintings, portraits and structural pieces. Keep this exhibit in mind if the weather on Saturday and Sunday isn’t in your favour.

When: From now until September 16
Time: 10 am-5 pm
Where: 1380 Rue Sherbrooke
Price: $17, Available at the door and online

Montreal Beachclub

Montreal Beachclub is the host of North America’s biggest outdoor club. Located in Pointe-Calumet, an easy 45-minute drive from Montreal, Beachclub can host up to 10,000 guests. The club is beachside and forms an intriguing fuse of the beach and electric dance music.

This weekend’s headliners are Eve and Carl Cox.

When: June 15, 16, and 17
Time: Friday: 10 am – 6 pm, Saturdays and Sundays: Noon – 7 pm
Where: 701 Rue 38, Pointe-Calumet
Price: Friday: $12, Saturday and Sunday: $15 (subject to change when special events are held) Prices for DJ events vary, tickets are available online

Montreal’s Mural Festival

mural fest


This is the last weekend of Montreal’s Mural Fest!

Montreal’s Mural Festival is a massive sidewalk event that closes down the ever popular Boulevard Saint Laurent and hosts dozens of graffiti artists from around the world to paint and graffiti the facades of the street’s buildings. The festival features food trucks, restaurant terraces, and shop outlets throughout the street. Go check out what some of these amazing artists can accomplish using the walls of buildings as their canvases.

When: From now until June 17
Time: 10 am – 7 pm
Where: Boulevard Saint Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont Royal
Price: Free

Tam Tams

Sundays in Montreal in the summer is synonymous with Tam Tams. It’s a giant outdoor party with dancers, sports, and drummers all gathered around the Sir George-Etienne Cartier monument. If the weather is nice on Sunday (still worth it even if it’s raining) head over to the mountain and enjoy a longstanding Montreal tradition and vibe. 420 friendly.

When: Sundays until September 30
Time: Noon
Where: Mont Royal Park

The Maisonneuve Bike Path

Bike season is in high gear in June. The Maisonneuve bike path runs throughout Montreal and has a gorgeous path from NDG to the East End. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city as the bike path runs parallel with it all. Get in some weekend exercise and then bike down to the Old Port and completely neutralize it by stopping off at any of their tasty restaurants.

When: The bike path is open year round
Where: Runs parallel with Boulevard Maisonneuve

Voiles en Voiles

Climb aboard life-size replicas of both royal and pirate ships from the 18th century in Montreal’s Old Port (how fitting). They are over 100 feet in length and range from two feet high for the young pirates to 35 feet for Peter Pan wannabes.

The obstacle course features 61 different activities between the Royal Ship and the Pirate Ship. Activities include ziplining, rock climbing, and bouncy castles.

When: From now until October
Time: 10 am – 1o pm
Where: Place des Vestiges, Old Port
Price: online, prices vary depending on selected activities, tickets available

Parc Safari Zoo

may 25 to 27


Get your animal fix by heading to Parc Safari, an easy 40-minute drive off the island. The park offers an optional Safari Adventure upon entering, you can drive up and see a variety of exotic animals from your car including zebras, ostriches, buffalo, llamas, and camels. Inside the park, take a walk down the Forest Trail where you have an amazing vantage point view of monkeys, cheetahs, hyenas, and bears. Don’t forget the lions, but we didn’t have to tell you that.

When: From now until October 8
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Where: 280 Rang Roxham, Hemmingford
Price: Prices vary depending on age. Tickets available at the entrance or online

Coup Sûr Batting Cages

If the weather is too hot outside and you want to take some hacks, check out the batting cages.

Coup Sûr has six pitching machine lanes all throwing either baseballs or softballs at various speeds. They have a closed off radar section too if you want to test your speed.They supply bats and helmets and boast an impressive Baseball Town store if you need some gear.

They have a wide selection of Expos memorabilia too, you can’t go wrong.

When: Coup Sûr is open year round
Where: 3835 Boulevard Curé-Labelle, Laval
Time: 9 am – 10 pm
Price: 1 token (20 pitches): $5.75/ 5 token special (100 pitches): $23.00

Westmount Street Fest

Dozens of Westmount’s shops set up outlets alongside Sherbrooke Street and Father’s Day is the last day of the festival. Restaurant boutiques and bar kiosks are also set up outside and live bands and BBQs also join the party.

The shops all have sales on old items and showcase new items. Take a stroll around the gorgeous Westmount neighbourhood and maybe even bump into a good sale or two.

When: From now until June 17
Where: Sherbrooke Street from Claremont to Victoria
Time: 8 am – 5 pm

Montreal Science Centre

Check out how some of the animal kingdom’s most ferocious predators hunt and survive in 3D at the Montreal Science Centre.

Incredible Predators 3D is an immersive IMAX laser experience that gives the audience an opportunity to watch the polar bear, the cheetah, and the blue whale deploy their prowess in incredible detail with crystalline images and thundering sounds.

This is the last weekend of the exhibition so get in before it’s gone!

When: From now until June 18
Where: 2 rue de la Commune Ouest
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Price: $10.50 – $12, available online

Cuisine Gourmande

Cuisine Gourmande is well worth the trip. It’s a quaint, stylish cafe about 25 minutes off the island of Montreal. If you’re in the mood for a country get away this weekend, put Cuisine Gourmande on your radar. The family-run shop makes delicious coffees and espressos and has a large terrace overlooking the quiet countryside. The cafe also caters to families, events and schools and will happily host for you. They also have a delivery truck to come see you if you need a fix. If the Montreal buzz is too much for you this weekend, escape to Cuisine Gourmande for a little getaway.

When: Wednesdays to Sundays
Time: 6 am – 5 pm from Wednesday to Sunday and 8 am – 4 pm on Sunday
Where: 223 Rue Principale, Saint Urbain-Premier

june 8 10

Cuisine Gourmande/Facebook

Haunted Red Light Ghost Walk

Secret Montreal hosts a haunted guided tour of Montreal’s former Red Light district. Learn about the city’s indecent past and maybe even stumble into a ghost!

When: Every Friday until Halloween
Time: 8:30 pm – 10 pm
Where: 1219 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Price: $26.50, available online

Street Paella

Street Paella runs concurrently with Mural Fest. Montreal-based chef Luis “Tigretón” Leon, of Libreria Española restaurant is set up along Boulevard Saint Laurents in a tiny tent, cooking fresh mussels and black rice, shrimp, chicken, and chorizo paella in a giant wok, right in front of Mural Fest’s hundreds of daily visitors.

When: From now until June 17
Time: 12 pm – 8 pm
Where: 3811 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Price: $3 – $12

Station F-MR

metro cars


The non-profit organization MR-63 unveiled phase one of their architectural project of giving old STM metro cars a second life.

The park is called Station F-MR and it’s really cool. The park is located alongside the Lachine Canal and its bike path. The station has a cafe, food counter, art gallery, community garden, stage, and relaxation area.

The entire Station F-MR is centred around four old STM metro cars from the 1960s.

When: Wednesdays – Sundays
Time: 11 am – 11 pm
Where: Allee fes Barges
Price: Free to enter

Ride a Classic Metro

Speaking of metros, Montreal is preparing to bid farewell to their classic metro cable cars of the 1960s.

52 years of loyal service have come down to a few last trips. The final journey of the MR-63 cars is scheduled for June 21 so get underground and ride the OG transport trains before the more spacious, modernized MPM-10 Azur train takes over.

When: Catch the last metro before June 21
Time: The metros run from 5:30 am to 12:38 am on weekdays and Sundays and until 1:08 am on Saturdays

Argo Bookshop

Argo Bookshop is Montreal’s oldest independent English bookstore. The cozy, quaint space has been open since 1966 and it’s maintained its classic decor. The charming shop also has an extensive collection of books. Grab yourself some literature and find a park during this weekend’s hot days.

When: Argo Bookshop is open year round
Time: 12 pm – 8 pm
Where: 1915 Rue Saint-Catherine Ouest

Bily Kun Restaurant

Bily Kun (White Horse) restaurant specializes in Czech cuisine and beer. The hip spot has mounted ostriches, plays live jazz and classical music, and offers tasty Czech craft beer. If you’re thirsty for a crisp pilsner and a pork schnitzel, Bily Kun is your go-to.

When: Bily Kun is open year round
Time: 3 pm – 3 am
Where: 354 Mont Royal Est

Alexanderplatz Bar



Alexanderplatz Bar is a hidden cocktail bar in the Mile-End that is exclusively open during the warm weather months. It is located in an old garage and has a very simple concept, it’s a cafeteria-bar

There’s a large counter bar and picnic tables that are shared by customers, the Bohemian style bar is ideal for meeting new people.

When: From now until October
Time: 4 pm – midnight, Monday to Wednesday and Sundays; 4 pm – 1 am Thursday to Saturday
Where: 6731 de l’Esplanade

Rage: Axe Throwing

Blow off some steam (or prepare for a zombie apocalypse) by tossing some axes. The indoor range has 11 lanes where you can comfortably throw a variety of axes monitored by supervisors and instructors. The facility can host up to 60 people so bring your friends, a lot of them. You get an hour worth of axe throwing so make sure to stretch beforehand!

When: Rage: Axe Throwing is open year round
Time: 10 am – 11:30 pm
Where: 1436 Rue Amherst
Price: $40-$55 per target, per hour. Tickets available online.

Village au Pied-du-Courant

Dozens of collaborators and designers have teamed up together to create a man-made beach village under the Jacques Cartier Bridge. The village hosts bar kiosks, restaurant outlets and a performing stage where Montrealers and tourists can fuse their urban love and beach style together.

This weekend’ theme is Afrotonik, expect African music, dancing, food and drink!

When: Friday to Sunday
Time: 5 pm – midnight on Fridays, 3 pm – midnight on Saturdays, and 3 pm – 11 pm on Sundays
Where: 2100 Rue Notre-Dame Est
Price: Free to enter

Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik


Piknic is an electronic dance music festival that happens every Sunday on Parc Jean Drapeau. Over 125 well-known DJs from all over the world are spread out throughout the festival’s summer lineup. The venue hosts food trucks, bar kiosks, and much more.
When: Sundays until September 30
Time: 9 am – 5:30 pm
Where: Parc Jean Drapeau
Price: Available online, starting at $14.50
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