Montreal ranked best city in North America for cyclists (STUDY)

May 15 2019, 2:55 am

Montreal can kick biking into high gear as the city has been ranked as the top in North America for cyclists.

According to a new study by Coya, a digital insurance company (and self-proclaimed bike enthusiasts), 90 cities from around the world were studied through various factors to determine which cities were the safest and best for biker riders.

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“We decided to investigate which cities around the world are improving their overall cycling conditions, as well as encouraging bicycle-usage as a healthy, sustainable mode of transport,” reads the report. “We ranked each location’s efforts to determine the best cycling cities, as, after all, we believe that the road to future mobility is on two wheels.”

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The study looked at each city’s percentage of cyclists, safety, bicycle-related crime, road infrastructure, and respective city’s hours of sunshine, rainfall, and extreme weather days in conducting the report.

The study focused on six main categories, each with more detailed subcategories and received a weighted grade:

  • Weather
  • Percentage Bicycle Usage
  • Crime & Safety
  • Infrastructure
  • Sharing
  • Events

Cities were given different categories of sizes (S for cities with less than 500,000 citizens, M for 500,000 to 999,999, and L for cities with 1 million citizens and above) and a final score out of a possible 100.

Montreal took the top spot in all of North America and ranked 18th on the overall global rank. The only other Canadian city to rank on Coya’s list was our western neighbours in Vancouver, ranking 37th overall.

A detailed legend can be found below as well as Montreal’s ranking.

For comparison, the Netherlands’ Utrecht ranked first with a final score of 77.84, followed by Germany’s Munster (66.15) and Belgium’s Antwerp (60.51) rounded out the top three.



All 90 cities and the list’s detailed methodology can be found online.

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